Mastry’s Brewing Co.

The first craft brewery on St. Pete Beach

Mastry’s Brewing Co. was founded in 2014 as a brew-pub operating out of a family-owned restaurant.  In 2016, the operations were expanded, and now Mastry’s Brewing is proud to be the first craft brewery and tasting room on St. Pete Beach. Taking traditional styles and combining influences from exotic locales, Mastry’s Brewing is elevating the beach beer experience.  With selections like JMC, a chocolate coffee porter, and the wildly popular, gold-medal winning Hefeweizen, locals and visitors continue coming back for more.

Matthew and Danie Dahm

Founder and Owners

Matthew and Danie are Florida natives and were inspired by their hardworking and entrepreneurial parents who built their own businesses from the ground up. Matthew is a 3rd generation Mastry, a huge family who has had its roots in St. Petersburg since the late nineteenth century. The couple wanted to honor this family history, and particularly Matthew’s grandmother, Juliet, so they chose it as the namesake for their brewery.

Avid craft beer fans, they began their own craft beer endeavor when Matthew began home-brewing on weekends while Danie worked on her doctorate. Matthew and Danie are passionate about beer and contributing to the local St. Pete and St. Pete Beach community. Come have a beer with us!

Wayne Dalton

Lead Brewer

Wayne is also a Florida native, born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, who actually began his professional career in graphic arts visual communications. Wayne was first introduced to Mastry’s Brewing Co. when a opportunity came up, from a home brew competition, and actually did his first beer internship at Mastry’s, well Mastry’s back in 2016 when we were operating out of the CD Roma Restaurant. With that first interaction, Wayne knew he was ready to make a career change. So shortly after, Wayne went out, landed a job as a production brewer with Sea Dog Brewing in Clearwater, FL for 3 years, and then decided to come back to where it all started with Mastry’s Brewing Co.

Outside of beer, Wayne is also an awesome dad of 2 boys who just loves the #dadlife. Wayne is also an avid bowler who loves a good beer flavored beer, like his favorite here at Mastry’s, the Park Street Pilsner.